Effective SEL tools to help educators prepare teens for a lifetime of success.

Social emotional learning life skills book & personal
development for educators and students

Rejuvenate For Educators! Adult SEL strategies training highlights:

Rejuvenate educator training reengages teacher passion as well as provides effective learning tools that supports educators in their ability to deliver the crucial life lessons that we know can make a profound difference in students’ lives. Training can be virtual or in-person – or both!

Rejuvenate training can be:

  • Virtual
  • In-person
  • 45 minute session
  • 90 minute breakout group
  • 1/2 day workshop
  • 10.5 CPDU hour course

Rejuvenate is for:

  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Teachers
  • School support staff

Rejuvenate training courses provides attendees with information to:

  • Reengages teacher passion!
  • Deepen participant’s content knowledge in SEL strategies.
  • Gain clarity and increase knowledge and skills of SEL.
  • Introduce powerful life lesson curriculum that can be easily implemented into classroom daily lessons.
  • Cultivate educators who engage in and model social emotional intelligence.
  • Integrate SEL classroom lessons leading to improved classroom experience and engagement.
  • Practice SEL lessons to bolster confidence and knowledge to bring meaningful life skills to students.

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