The Training

The Training

Igniting Teacher Passion

Rejuvenate For Educators!

Adult SEL strategy and pd training courses

Rejuvenate educator training reengages teacher passion as well as provides effective learning tools that support educators in their ability to deliver the crucial life lessons that we know can make a profound difference in students’ lives. Training can be virtual or in-person – or both!

Live Online Training

Rejuvenate! Ignite Teacher Passion
7-week Adult SEL Strategy Course


You will leave our workshop rejuvenated! Ready to bring your loving energy and passion into your school.

Virtual Training

Customized Adult SEL Strategy PD training
Hybrid Options Available!

What people are saying about Rejuvenate Educator Training

“I appreciated the discussion questions and the self reflection. This has been the most impactful presentation for me thus far – thinking about my purpose and passions as an educator and how to keep those going. Thank you!”

PRE - K teacher

“Keeping that passionate spark alive for educating others is key! Thank you for sharing the reflective questions to help keep that flame flickering and burning bright. Having the tools to stay in alignment with our passions can keep us from going off track and into where our work can feel futile. I appreciated this session immensely.”

K to 5 teacher

“BRING speaker (April) back next year and put her in a KEYNOTE Speaker role. Teachers need to hear what she is saying right-off-the-bat so they can feel appreciated.”

6th to 8th teacher

“I really enjoyed your session. Your story really helped me realize that I need to be more open about HOW to go about change I want to create. Thank you!”

6th to 8th grade teacher

“I really appreciate this session! Thank you so much for your time and care and wisdom! Very, very helpful and useful.”

HS Teacher

“April Lara is a tremendous presenter. Her words can change your life and level of self-love if you L-I-S-T-E-N.”

Dr. John G. Igwebuike, Founder, The Lead Listening Institute.